Legacy Nautical

Shipping Guide

Here at Legacy Nautical we can deliver any product we have online to your door.

For the smaller items we use Australia post bags so shipping is a standard low price across Australia.

For our larger items, such as boat kits, plywood, desalination units and completed boats we deliver via a courier service. We currently have a delivery agreement with Toll but may use other companies from time to time depending on the item and distance to be traveled.

Unlike the majority of online stores for these types of goods we give you a quote for delivery at time of purchase. However, due to the complexities and large number of variables being quoted Australia wide for the larger orders if you do get a delivery quote which seems “over the top” please contact us and we will see if an error has occurred or if we can use a different supplier to get you a better deal.

We look forward to processing your order.

Legacy Nautical Team