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Marine Batteries Lead Crystal

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Marine batteries 70, 90, 100 Ah 12V. Enquire for other sizes.
Lead Crystal Batteries are designed and manufactured
by Betta Batteries – a market leading power solutions
company that develops and commercializes next
generation batteries specialising in groundbreaking
innovations and green technologies.
Lead Crystal Batteries are robust, reslient and high
performing. With less acid, no cadmium and no antimony,
Lead Crystal Batteries are cleaner and safe. They are up
to 99% recyclable and are classified as non-hazardous
goods for air, sea and land transport, an excellent marine
These batteries are being used in all industries where
conventional lead based batteries like lead acid, lead gel
and AGM batteries are used. A few of industries include
telecoms, ups, petrochem/marine, defence, renewable
energy, health care, manufacturing, transportation and
electric motion (wheelchairs, golf carts & trolleys).
Compared to mainstream rechargeable industrial batteries,
Lead Crystal Batteries always perform better due to their
unique characteristics.
Lead Crystal batteries can be charged faster, charged below
0 degrees Celsius, discharged deeper (to 0 volt), discharged
more often, used in a wider temperature range (-40 to +65)
and be stored for 2 years without special handling. They
require no special ventilation and cooling and offer the best value for money

-Up to 99% Recyclable and increased sustainability.
-Cleaner Less acid, no cadmium or antimony. Complies with increasingly strict
international standards on protection of the environment.
-Safer No risk of leakage, less harmful chemicals, less fluids because of crystallization.
-Easy transportation Classified as non-hazardous for transport. The only battery allowed
as normal goods air-freight.
-Guaranteed quality Each battery comes with a standard 3 year factory warranty.
-Better usage performance Charges up to two times faster than conventional alternatives.
-Excellent high-current discharge ability.
-Full recovery Can be 100% discharged and then restored to full rated capacity daily.
-Long battery life Float service life up to 18 years. Up to 6000 charge/discharge cycles
(20% DOD).
-Long shelf life Can be stored 2 years with no refresh charging required. Simplifies
-Extreme temperature resistance Operates at temperatures from -40°C to +65°C

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Marine Battery Lead Crystal 100Ah 12V, Marine Battery Lead Crystal 90Ah 12V, Marine Battery Lead Crystal 70Ah 12V